Lovedon Coaching

We believe that coaching is about unlocking an individual’s potential to maximise their performance. We pride ourselves on establishing authentic, trust-based relationships to deliver our clients’ desired results.

Coaching encourages individuals to set their own outcomes, explore their own thoughts and feelings and to find choices and opportunities that will work for them. It is a conversation with a purpose; our coaches will facilitate thinking to enable action to be agreed.

Coaching is suitable for individuals who will benefit from a more personalised development programme and is driven by the individual. We welcome clients in a corporate setting or private individuals who are seeking an independent facilitator to help them discuss current situations and explore future opportunities.

– The Lovedon style

Our coaches are experienced in business, management, leadership and personal development and are able to set development within an appropriate framework.


  • encourage individuals to develop greater personal confidence
  • facilitate thinking through challenging situations
  • challenge beliefs, thinking and processes
  • support people through personal blocks
  • take a pragmatic approach to helping individuals ‘do their day job better’
  • give direct feedback sensitively and encourage when the ‘going gets tough’
  • believe that people make a difference to business performance
  • use business experience to really understand the working environment
– What you can expect from a Lovedon coach

We begin all our coaching relationships with a free chemistry meeting or discussion – face-to-face, telephone or internet platform – to establish a clear learning contract between the coach and client or coach, client and any main stakeholders. 

We tailor the coaching format to suit personal needs with transparent fees and options including:

  • Internet, telephone or face-to-face sessions
  • Duration – 30 minutes to two hours to suit
  • Programmes from 3 to 12 months (typically but may be extended)

We bring alternatives, choices, options, processes, techniques, tools and additional resources to generate profound learning and build self-sustainability.

We guide our clients towards self-evaluated solutions without advising, counselling or directing.

We celebrate success with our clients and as a team to instil our sense of a supportive team spirit and values.

– Example measures of success
  • Confidence to take next steps
  • Ability to make important life decisions
  • Increased confidence in own ability
  • Improved productivity/efficiency/quality
  • More proficient in current role
  • More influential style
  • Better staff morale
  • Higher performing teams
– When can Lovedon coaching help me?

Lovedon coaching can help at all stages of your professional and personal life, but typically you might consider working with us If you are:

  • Experiencing significant change
  • Someone who has self-limiting patterns of behaviour or beliefs
  • At a crossroads needing to explore options and choices
  • A person who would respond better to a one to one training intervention rather than a formal training workshop
  • Are someone who has been promoted recently to a role with first time, new or more challenging people management responsibilities
  • Going through or about to go through significant work transitions or extended leave, including parental leave
  • Someone who is technically competent but needs/wants to develop their strategic and/or people skills 

This list is not exhaustive – coaching is recognised as a successful approach in a variety of different situations.