Learning and development for yourself, your business and your team that is engaging, memorable and effective.

This is not ‘learning by numbers’ or ‘tickbox training’ – we love what we do and want you to love it to!

Our experienced, friendly and highly qualified team will work with you to ensure that our training delivers exactly what you want and more.

The Lovedon Style

We provide a compelling balance of support and challenge enabling you to achieve for yourself, your team and your organisation.

We enable you to be the best you can be by working with you to develop your competence and confidence in your role capability and leadership behaviours. I

We work with energy, effort and enthusiasm to promote learning in a confidential environment.

We keep things simple and straightforward and want to make a real difference for those with whom we work.

We give a flexible, professional service, committed to bringing about lasting change.

We offer a range of coaching styles and approaches through our team of experienced and qualified practitioners.

Lovedon Leadership

  • Our leadership development focuses on enabling leaders to build self awareness and emotional intelligence whether you’re a Team Leader or the Managing Director.

  • We use a range of tools and techniques to build self-awareness and improve relationship management.

  • We aim to offer the best solution for your leaders and your organisation.

  • Our leadership workshops range from one-day events through to twelve-month modular programmes that encourage managers and leaders to undertake a profound leadership journey, often  supported by coaching.

  • Workshops and programmes are designed with the culture and requirements of the business as a fundamental element of the format.

  • We work hard to ensure every participant has the opportunity to have personal feedback, support and challenge.

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Lovedon Coaching

We believe that coaching is about unlocking an individual’s potential to maximise their performance. We pride ourselves on establishing authentic, trust-based relationships to deliver our clients’ desired results.

Coaching encourages individuals to set their own outcomes, explore their own thoughts and feelings and to find choices and opportunities that will work for them. It is a conversation with a purpose; our coaches will facilitate thinking to enable action to be agreed.

Coaching is suitable for individuals who will benefit from a more personalised development programme and is driven by the individual. We welcome clients in a corporate setting or private individuals who are seeking an independent facilitator to help them discuss current situations and explore future opportunities.

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Lovedon Team Development

We have worked with many teams in the past 20 years supporting them in their move to sustainable high performance. We facilitate one day workshops and programmes of several events to achieve team and organisation goals.

We work to build relationships and understanding between teams and key stakeholders; . We facilitate teams through exploring and diagnosing strengths and development areas and agreeing practical and workable solutions. We build self-awareness and understanding of team dynamics.

We also deliver fun teambuilding events to help teams work better together, to celebrate successes or just to have some fun!

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