Lovedon Leadership

We work in partnership with our clients to design and deliver development solutions that best suit the needs of the target population and the organisation. We tailor our approach to provide the very best outcomes. Below are some examples of what we have done recently with our clients.

– Developing your leadership style

These workshops are designed to provide experienced managers with awareness and skills to deliver great leadership to their teams and their organisation. There is an opportunity to acknowledge their own current leadership style and to develop a broader range of behaviours. Participants are encouraged to explore how they can create a positive climate to enable optimum performance.

Workshops are a mixture of input, discussions and practical activities to enable the easy transfer of learning to the workplace. Participants are offered individual feedback during the programme with the option of further coaching sessions.

– Stepping into management

These workshops are aimed at those new into a management role. We provide support to explore the expectations of the role and challenge participants to step up and lead their teams.

This workshop is highly practical with opportunities to practice new skills and behaviours and to develop both competence and confidence.

– Management apprenticeships

In partnership with Aspire Development we offer apprenticeships – a terrific way to make a management development programme cost neutral as it utilises the government levy.

The 12-18 month programmes are a mixture of workshops, on job learning and practice, personal development opportunities and a final assessment. Participants build a portfolio of evidence to both demonstrate their learning and more importantly show the business how they are improving their working practices and behaviours.

We work alongside internal L&D teams, spending time in the business getting to know the exact needs and challenges faced now and in the future. We then work in partnership with the L&D team to design and implement management apprenticeship programmes aligned to these organisational needs.

Our Management Apprenticeships blend leadership and management theory with on the job training to develop staff that have a tangible and immediate impact on personal and business performance.

  • Team Leader/Supervisor
  • Operations and Departmental Manager
– Influencing results and relationships
These workshops explore how to develop greater commitment and co-operation to achieve more. We explore how to build stronger relationships through influential behaviours. There is also the option to include a focus on negotiation skills.

All workshops are a mix of practical activities, exercises and discussion groups, all designed to ensure the learning can be applied immediately

We provide practical input on developing influencing strategies and a spectrum of techniques designed to work in different situations. We also work on building participant confidence in difficult influencing situations by providing individual feedback and coaching. The pre-work involves collecting some feedback about current influencing styles using a web-based questionnaire

– Communicating with impact
These programmes focus on all aspects of communication – different media, different situations, self-presentation, tools and techniques, listening and questioning.

We encourage participants to explore current strengths and to develop their personal communication style to maximise success.

As always these workshops are highly participative and are tailored to the current issues for the target population and the organisation

– Powerful presentations
Depending on the current level of skill and experience this can be offered as a one or two day workshop. There is a great emphasis on practice and feedback. Where agreed, recording can be used to heighten the impact of the feedback and to clearly demonstrate to participants their strengths and improvements during the programme.
– The coaching experience

This highly practical workshop provides the knowledge, skills and experience to enable participants to deliver workplace coaching.

All input and theory is supported by real practice, observed by experienced coaches offering individual feedback.

This can be adapted to a shorter programme to provide the basic skills to encourage more coaching behaviours in the workplace.


- We also offer...

We also offer bespoke events on:

  • Handling Challenging Situations
  • Delivering Great Service
  • Performance Management
  • Successfully Managing Change
  • Personal Impact
  • Dealing with Difficult Conversations
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Dealing with Conflict
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Recruitment and Selection

This list is not exhaustive – call us, we’ll explore how we can help!