Lovedon Team Development

We have worked with many teams in the past 20 years supporting them in their move to sustainable high performance. We facilitate one day events and programmes of several events to achieve team and organisation goals.

– Some examples of our work
  • Working with the Board of a national logistics organisation to agree how to translate their values into reality. Facilitating sessions to confirm what was intended by those values and how the senior team would role model the required behaviours.
  • Designing a cascade programme and training internal facilitators to deliver consistent messages across the business.
  • Delivering events for the senior team of an IT solutions company. Facilitating workshops to establish the ethos of the team and how they would work together supported by individual coaching for each team member.
  • Establishing a new marketing team for a national health and wellbeing organisation. Facilitating a one-day event to create a team vision and agree ways of working.
  • Designing an assessment centre process for a national vehicle rental company followed by events to establish the new team – both relationships and objectives and developing the leadership style of the group.
  • Delivering a team conference for a local learning disability charity – approximately 100 people. Learning activities, celebration of successes, delivery of strategy and a drumming session to close the day!
  • Facilitating annual team-building events for a department of the civil service; approximately 50 people. Hugely interactive events using a mix of psychometrics, activities, input, discussion and music!
  • Taking a team of developing managers to The National Fire Service College to explore team dynamics in a very challenging environment. Activities supervised by trained personnel – fire and total darkness encouraged a keen sense of team working.