– Charities

“Learning with is Sue is never dull! Sue is a brilliant facilitator with extensive management, leadership and coaching knowledge and experience. She delivers learning in a pragmatic, fun and engaging way, really bringing learning to life, creating maximum impact for learners and enabling optimal transfer of skills, knowledge and behaviours back to the work place.”

People Business Partner, Help for Heroes

“In a world where everyone and his dog can offer you training that will revolutionise your business, it’s so nice to find an authentic talent who is willing to go the extra mile to make everyone feel valuable in the partnership.  Through her warm and genuine delivery style, Sue integrates herself seamlessly with the teams throughout the organisation, bringing with her swathes of invaluable experience and expertise and doesn’t leave anyone behind.”

Head of People Capability, Help for Heroes

– Commercial

“I really enjoyed working with Sue and feel the time spent being coached by her extremely worthwhile. Sue’s approach to coaching is empowering and thoughtful, encouraging you to think differently and giving you just the right level of support/comfort and light-heartedness for you to feel able to push yourself to address areas you may have struggled to work on in the past.

Sue’s coaching enabled me to look at and improve how I worked with my peers as well the team I managed, with the aim of bringing us all closer together. The positive changes Sue helped me to make were perfectly timed when recently I had to go through a really challenging time within the business as well as in my personal life and my team and colleagues provided me with an overwhelming level of support during that period.”

Digital Mobile Spectrum Limited


“Sue is an extremely talented trainer who combines an extremely personal approach with her extensive experience in areas such as communication, influencing, leadership and coaching. She takes the time to understand the business that she is operating in and she identifies both the culture and the needs of client very quickly. Sue is highly adept at integrating ‘real-life’ business examples into her training courses; bringing the theory to life and making the experience both relevant and more accessible to delegates. She has a hugely engaging style and is able to bring energy, humour and a first class understanding of her subject to her delivery. Sue creates a fun and thought provoking environment which always proved highly popular with those employees involved.”

HR Director, Flamingo Horticulture Limited


“Having never undertaken any type of coaching-style development I believe I was naturally hesitant, and if I am honest, somewhat cynical about how this would help me.

I met Sue firstly in a relatively informal meeting to get to know her, how she works, her approach and it was for me to decide if she would be a good fit’. I was happy to go ahead and work with Sue as her approach generally was the opposite to me so I knew she would provide the challenge I needed. The next steps were for me to identify where I needed development and that is not as simple as it may sound. I opted for a graphical approach showing how I interact in the workplace and outside of it.

I had my first few sessions with Sue and she is incredible, not only did she get me talking freely in no time at all, but managed to subtly draw things out of me that perhaps I didn’t even see. You have to put the effort in to give Sue something to work with but she provides a finely balanced approach to challenge and support. Sue is not dismissive of anything you share, everything discussed is without a doubt completely confidential and I found my issues became clearer and Sue gave me methods of addressing them. Following a few sessions, I had the confidence to make changes, some minor, some quite bold and I had the skills to address people in a way I would never have been confident enough to do so before. Added to Sue’s professionalism she is confident, warm, positive, fabulous at listening and can really think on her feet to provide the right support at the right times during the sessions. It has certainly made a huge difference to me both at work and personally and I highly recommend working with Sue. Thank you Sue.”

Director of Finance, Digital Mobile Spectrum Limited


“I have worked with Sue for nearly 20 years.  Sue’s unique delivery style means her training is practical, relevant and always fun! From coaching to the design and delivery of bespoke learning programmes, Sue stands out from other training providers because she really understands our business.”

Head of ER and Change, Wincanton

– Education

“Having worked with Sue for a number of years, she always makes the sessions fun, informative and memorable for all the right reasons.”

L&D Co-ordinator, University of East London